If you were a fly on the wall at my house, you'd be sure to hear your share of fussing, complaining and whining. Maybe even a slammed door or two.

But enough about me.

In the pressure cooker that's parenting, I have exploded more than once. And it's harder to clean up than spaghetti night with a toddler.

So after years spent indulging in fruitless self-flogging, I finally let go of my obsession with getting it all 'just right.' I confess...I'm not a perfect parent.

Whew. That felt good.

Now, when my son saunters in with his 42nd tardy of the school year, I let it go. When I hear myself hollering "Whatever!" at my teenage daughter, I move on.

Having it all together is overrated anyway.

And I've determined not to waste God's grace. I'll never get it just right. You won't, either. So read on, sister. If you see a little of yourself in me, I hope it helps to know that you're not alone. Nope. If you're a mom, face it. You're never, ever alone.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tweet Me Tuesday: Getting to Know Your Followers

Last week, I talked about some ways to connect with your community.

What it boiled down to is reaching out and being interactive with your followers.

This week, I have a couple more ways to learn more about your followers and use that information to create interaction and interesting content for your blog.

1. Use TwtPoll to ask your followers' opinions on interesting topics. TwtPoll allows you to ask one question and chart the results. However, TwtSurvey (also you can also create on the TwtPoll site), allows you to ask your followers multiple questions and include demographic information. The site's step-by-step instructions make polls and surveys a cinch.

This can be a basis for a blog post that analyzes the results and asks for your readers' opinions about the topic and results.

2. Twitter your "hot" comments. If you have a post that is stimulating a lot of dialogue, Twitter one of the interesting comments and ask "What do you think?" or simply tweet that your post is generating a lot of conversation and ask them to join in!

3. Observe what interests your followers. Pay close attention to topics that seem to spark a lot of conversation among your followers. Write a blog post about your take on one of these hot topics. When you tweet your link, you know you'll already have a receptive audience.

Okay, now on to Tweet Me Tuesday! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3, uhhh, 4...

1.) Tweet this post! Be sure to visit Kristen at MamaBytes, too! She is my wonderful co-host in this Blog Hop!

2.) Link up a post you’d like Tweeted using Linky Tools below. It can either be your most recent post or an older, favorite post you'd like to share with a new audience.

3.) Follow me and Kristen on Twitter! (if you’re not already)

4.) Visit the links below and Tweet as many posts as you'd like (linked below).

You can follow as many of these bloggers as you’d like on Twitter. (You can follow their blogs, too.)

When you Tweet a blogger’s post, it's nice to leave a comment telling them you tweeted it as part of Tweet Me Tuesday. Not required, but leaving comments is always good!

If you tweet at us/about us/for Tweet Me Tuesday please use the hashtag #TMT.
It makes it easier for us to find your tweets! Not sure about hashtags? See Kristen's post.

Please remember that Tweet Me Tuesday is about Linky Love! Please don't just leave you link and fly off! Visit as many of the others listed as you can. The more you interact with others, the more benefit to everyone.

To add the Tweet Me Tuesday button to your blog, just copy the code below!

Alright -- get to tweeting!



  1. Very useful information as usual Melinda! I've been using Twitter more these days and it's always good to learn something new. Thanks to you and Kristen for this marvelous link-up! :)

  2. I've never tried twitpol will have to check it out. :O)

  3. You know-tweeting your "hot" comments often generates more views/traffic and interest than some other tactics. It's amazing to see how people react just to the comments!

  4. That comment idea was really interesting! I'll try that. And thanks for the idea about the twtpoll. I made one today after reading your post and am excited to see if anything comes from it since I'm trying to write a book on forgiveness as moms. I'll let you know how it goes! Hope all is well this week for you, my dear!

  5. i just joined twitter and seriously only have 1 follower lol. how do you get followers? i have a blog with the 'follow me twitter button' but no one joins me lol. anywho, i love your blog adn have your button on my button love pg.


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