If you were a fly on the wall at my house, you'd be sure to hear your share of fussing, complaining and whining. Maybe even a slammed door or two.

But enough about me.

In the pressure cooker that's parenting, I have exploded more than once. And it's harder to clean up than spaghetti night with a toddler.

So after years spent indulging in fruitless self-flogging, I finally let go of my obsession with getting it all 'just right.' I confess...I'm not a perfect parent.

Whew. That felt good.

Now, when my son saunters in with his 42nd tardy of the school year, I let it go. When I hear myself hollering "Whatever!" at my teenage daughter, I move on.

Having it all together is overrated anyway.

And I've determined not to waste God's grace. I'll never get it just right. You won't, either. So read on, sister. If you see a little of yourself in me, I hope it helps to know that you're not alone. Nope. If you're a mom, face it. You're never, ever alone.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Operation Organization: Week Seven Victories!

A little means a lot.

My goal was small this week. I knew I had an insane schedule and I had to be realistic. But can I just tell you how good I felt when I saw this:

Instead of this:

And it looks even better with my beautiful daughter doing her "Vanna" impersonation on it:

Okay, I'd love to engage in witty banter with you, but quite frankly, I've spent all day on a fourth grade field trip and every creative and coherent thought has long since been expended. You try spending all day in a butterfly conservatory (aka hottest dang place on earth.) The bad news is my good hair day was ruined. The good news: I sweated off two pounds. Bottom line, soldiers... I'm running on fumes.

I'm not a wimp, though, and neither are you, so let's finish this challenge well, troops! This week is the Final Battle. Make it count!

Here's the drill -- for the last time:

1.) Post your Week 8 Goal on your blog along with a link back to this post OR a link to my button in the right sidebar.

2.) Leave your link to your Week 8 Goal post via Mister Linky below.

3.) Visit as many of your fellow soldiers as possible to cheer them on!

4.) Post your Before and After photos on your blog anytime between now and next Friday!

The winner of the book Life Management for Women by Elizabeth George is Steph! Congratulations! Just email me your information at melinda@parentingconfessions.com and I'll send it to you!

Don't give up! Victory is almost ours!



  1. Wow! I really need to do mine...it's way worse than your before pic! It looks great!

  2. Even the smallest things can make the biggest difference! Your dresser looks great, keep up the good work!

  3. Oh girlfriend, I so understand.

    I'm having serious time management issues.

    Can't seem to get everything done.

    And keep it done.

    I don't think this makes much sense.

    Let's talk soon!

    I promise to be more coherent.

    Sweet dreams.

  4. Looks great Melinda! Keep going! Doesn't it make you happy to see it clean?

    Thanks to you, my nightstand makes me happy again. :)

  5. I love getting a task like that accomplished! Good for you.

  6. Fun to find you too.

    I need to organize a few areas in my house this week too.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    Beautiful daughter.

    I remember how hot the butterfly place was when I went on a field trip. Yes, hot and humid.

    Rest up!

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